Hypocortisolism and preterm birth

December 31st 2016 | S.D. Karakash*, N. Tschankoshvili, J. Weedon, R.M. Schwartz, C. Kirschbaum, H. Minkoff

OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine whether hypocortisolism is associated with preterm birth, using hair cortisol as a marker of long term hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity.


Hypocortisolism and preterm birth


Wireless multichannel electroencephalography in the newborn

The effects of thyroid function on retinopathy of prematurity

Clinical Cases

Neonatal Behçet’s disease with Raynaud phenomenon

Atrial arrhythmia after newborn eye exam, to caffeine or not to caffeine?

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