Giant placental chorioangioma followed by circulatory failure of the newborn and infantile hemangioma: Case report

Suga, S.*, Araki, S., Aramaki, S., Shibata, E., Kusuhara, K. | JNPM 2020;


Placental chorioangioma (CA) is a benign placental tumor. No specific treatment is required for asymptomatic cases. We report a female infant born to a mother with giant placental CA. However fetal growth was normal and, fetal hydrops was not detected by ultrasound examination until delivery, she had hydrops, subgaleal hematoma, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia, respiratory distress and circulatory failure after birth. She was successfully treated without any neurological sequelae. At 2 months of age, infantile hemangioma appeared in her lower lip. The present case suggested that giant placental CA might cause postnatal problems and be associated with the development of infantile hemangioma.

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