Anterior placenta previa is associated with increased umbilical cord blood hematocrit concentrations

K. Daglar, A. Tokmak*, A. Kirbas, O. Kara, E. Biberoglu, D. Uygur, N. Danisman | JNPM 2016;

OBJECTIVE: We aimed to evaluate the umbilical cord blood (CB) hematocrit (Hct) levels in women with anterior located placenta previa (PP).
METHODS: This is a prospective case-control study performed in a tertiary level maternity hospital. Thirty seven pregnant women diagnosed with anterior PP (study group) and 37 women without PP (control group) included into the study. Groups were matched with regard to age, gestational age, and fetal gender. All women underwent Cesarean section. Umbilical CB Hct levels of the newborns were measured. Demographics, operative features, and neonatal outcomes were recorded.
RESULTS: Umbilical CB Hct levels were statistically significantly higher in the PP patients compared with controls (p: 52.6±5.0 vs. 47.5±5.0, p < 0.001). Preoperative maternal hemoglobin (Hgb) and Hct levels were similar in the two groups. However, postoperative Hb and Hct levels were significantly lower in the study group (p: 0.003, p < 0.001, respectively). Intraoperative complication rates were higher in this group. Neonatal Apgar scores were lower and neonatal intensive care unit admission was more common in the PP group when compared with controls.
CONCLUSION: We think that anterior PP is associated with increased umbilical CB Hct levels. Neonatologists should consider this condition in the infants born to mothers with anterior PP.

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