Boot camps in neonatal-perinatal medicine fellowship programs: A national survey

Kumar, D. , Vachharajani, A.J., Wertheimer, F., Vergales, B. , Glass, K., Dannaway, D, Winter, L, Delaney, H., Ganster, A, Arnold, J, Urban, A., Johnston, L., Bruno, C., Gray, M.M., Sawyer, T.*, Organization of Neonatal Training Program Directors Task Force on Simulation | JNPM 2020;

Simulation is widely used in graduate medical education. A prior survey showed that 80% of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (NPM) fellowship programs in the U.S. use simulation. There are multiple ways to provide simulation-based education. One such method is through intensive simulation-based education sessions held at the beginning of a training program, common called ‘boot camps’. The aim of this study was to describe the use of simulation-based boot camps in NPM fellowship programs.
METHODS: Survey study of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited NPM fellowships in the U.S.
RESULTS: Fifty-nine of 98 programs (60%) responded. Thirty-six (61%) participated in 1st-year fellow boot camps, which focused on procedural skills and newborn resuscitation. Nearly half of programs participated in regional boot camps. Most boot camps were one or two days long. Eleven programs (19%) held 2nd or 3rd-year fellow boot camps, which focused on advanced resuscitation and communication. Barriers included lack of faculty protected time (57%), funding (39%), and lack of faculty experience (31%).
CONCLUSIONS: A majority of ACGME accredited NPM fellowships participate in 1st year fellows’ boot camps. Many participate in regional boot camps. A few programs have 2nd or 3rd-year fellow boot camps. Lack of time, funding, and faculty experience were common barriers.

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