Hemorrhagic cystitis in pregnancy: Case report and review of the literature

P. Stella, A. Miranda, S. Lopez, G. Morosetti, E. Piccione, R. Angioli, S. Capriglione* | JNPM 2017;

Hemorrhagic cystitis is generally a benign self-limited disorder, however there are some severe cases which are associated to a significant blood loss. The etiology may be either bacterial, viral or chemical in origin; though the cause is not identified in most of the cases. Immunocompromised patients or patients who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation constitute the highest risk group. There are only a few articles about hemorrhagic cystitis in pregnancy, frequently associated with preterm labor. We describe, for the first time in literature, one patient with a clinical status of hematuria in two consequent pregnancies, without any identified cause and a medical history negative for recurrent or hemorrhagic cystitis and we report an overview of literature concerning this topic.

*Corresponding Author: 

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