Neonatal Behçet’s disease with Raynaud phenomenon

J.R. Fernández-Fructuoso*, S. Gil-Sánchez, E. Gómez-Santos, J.M. Lloreda-García, S. Sevilla-Denia, J.L. Leante-Castellanos | JNPM 2016;


We report a new clinical manifestation of neonatal Behcet’s disease. A newborn from a mother with active Behcet’s disease during pregnancy, who develops vasomotor phenomena (Raynaud) with oral ulcerations in the second day of life. Neonatal mucocutaneous lesions have been reported previously in few newborns of pregnant women with active Behçet disease. Although neonatal disease is a very infrequent situation, with a mostly transient and favorable course, clinicians should be aware of serious potential complications associated with this entity.

*Corresponding Author: 

Jose Ramon Fernandez Fructuoso, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Neonatology Unit, University Hospital Santa Lucia, C/Mezquita- Paraje Los Arcos, E-30202 Santa Lucia, Cartagena, Spain. Tel.: +34 647 443 896; E-mail: