Short term cost of care for the surviving periviable neonate

K.M. Allen, B. Smith, I. Iliev , J. Evans, J. Werthammer* | JNPM 2017;

OBJECTIVE: To determine the hospital cost and distribution of financial charges for the initial hospitalization of the surviving periviable neonate.
STUDY DESIGN: In this retrospective case series, we analyzed medical records and financial data for neonates 23–25 weeks’ gestational age in a single tertiary care NICU over 42 months. A detailed breakdown of hospital cost components and charges was determined for all survivors during their initial hospitalization. Statistical significance was determined using the Bonferroni-Sidak method.
RESULTS: Overall survival was 78% in infants born at 23–25 weeks’ gestational age. Survival increased and length of stay and hospital costs decreased with increased gestational age (p < 0.05 for all). Hospital charges were distributed as: NICU 56%, respiratory 11%, pharmacy 6%, laboratory 6%, radiology 6%, surgery 1%, neonatology 13% and miscellaneous 1%.
CONCLUSION: Our study describes the hospital cost and distribution of charges for the periviable neonate during the initial hospitalization. These economic data may guide clinicians in quality improvement and cost management.

*Corresponding Author: 

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