Usefulness of a flow chart for targeted screening of congenital cytomegalovirus-related hearing loss

Matilde, C.*, Monari, C., Vitagliano, G., Zarro, N., Sandri, F. | JNPM 2018;

Around 90% of congenital cytomegalovirus infected neonates are asymptomatic at birth. Among the infected infants showing no clinical abnormalities, 7 to 15% or over may develop sensorineural hearing loss and only about 50% of these cases are detectable at birth. In 2013, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Maggiore Hospital in Bologna (Italy) introduced a one-page flow chart aimed at identifying neonates with unapparent congenital cytomegalovirus infection by means of selective cytomegalovirus screening of patients who failed to pass a hearing screening test. Since its introduction, 83 infants have been referred to our clinic for sample collection and two cases of congenital cytomegalovirus-related sensorineural hearing loss were diagnosed and treated at the appropriate time

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