Gastric lavage in babies born through meconium stained amniotic fluid in prevention of early feed intolerance: A randomized controlled trial

Yadav, S.K. , Venkatnarayan, K.*, Adhikari, K.M., Sinha, R., Mathai, S.S. | JNPM 2018;

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of gastric lavage (GL) in preventing feed intolerance in babies born through Meconium stained amniotic fluid (MSAF).
STUDY DESIGN: In this randomized trial conducted at a tertiary care hospital, neonates born of MSAF after 34 weeks period of gestation requiring routine care were randomly allocated to GL with 10 ml/kg of normal saline. The control group did not receive GL. The subjects were monitored for first 24 hours in predefined time epochs. The primary outcome was incidence of feed intolerance which was defined as vomiting or abdominal distension more than 2 cm from baseline measure. Babies were also monitored for potential adverse events due to GL and total duration of hospital stay.
RESULTS: Baseline parameters were comparable. The incidence of feed intolerance was not significant in the GL group [4.6% vs 9.2%; RR 0.92 (0.29–3)]. There were no adverse events secondary to GL. The duration of hospital stay was comparable between groups.
CONCLUSION: GL in neonates born of MSAF does not reduce feed intolerance.

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