Volume 13, Issue 1

Volume 13, Issue 1

Selective head cooling and acute kidney injury in neonates with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Ductus arteriosus and failed medical therapy

Assessment of novel biomarkers: sTREM-1, pentraxin-3 and pro-adrenomedullin in the early diagnosis of neonatal early onset sepsis

First trimester maternal vitamin D, ferritin, hemoglobin level and their associations with neonatal birthweight: Result from cohort study on vitamin D status and its impact during pregnancy and childhood in Indonesia

Necrotizing enterocolitis and its association with the neonatal abstinence syndrome

The evaluation of lymphopenia in infants exposed to opioids in-utero

Moderate and severe fetal pyelectasis: Correlation between prenatal aspects and postnatal outcome

Very preterm infant outcomes according to timing of birth

Retrospective review of neonatal morbidity and mortality at public referral hospitals in Greater Accra Region of Ghana:2013–2014


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